product care

If possible avoid intensive contact with cosmetics, lotions or perfumes, chemicals in direct contact with your piece of jewellery. They rob your jewelery of its shine and make it dull faster. Please do not spray your perfume directly onto your jewelry. If you take off your jewelry to sleep, bathe, shower and do sports, you will enjoy them longer.

Storage: Moisture, heat and sunlight can cause oxidation and damage your treasures. It is best to keep your jewelery in a dark and dry place and protect it in our lona studio pouch.

Gem Care

As you absorb the energy of the gems, the stone absorbs energies from the environment. In order to rebalance the vibrational energy, it is important to clean your healing stones regularly to bring them back to their natural state. We prefer to clean our crystals on selenite and rock crystal plates. However, we would like to give you more options.

charging and cleaning

Selenite & rock crystal plates: Put your healing stones or jewelry overnight to clean and charge on a selenite or rock crystal plate. The stone should have as much contact with the plate as possible.

Moonlight: To clean your healing stones in the moonlight, it is best to put them in the window or in a sheltered place outdoors.

Incense: Distribute the smoke from a sage incense bundle or incense stick around your healing stone, so you can clean several stones at the same time

Sound cleaning: You can use your Clean healing stones also by a sound cleansing in a crystal or brass bowl. Strike the bowl and hold the crystal in the swinging bowl.


We attach great importance to the quality of our products. All of our products are lovingly handcrafted in Germany.


Our heart's desire is to bring more love, light and femininity into the world and to support you in loving your life.


Sustainability is one of our highest corporate values, which we live and constantly optimize. We only use recycled metals and certified gemstones for our products.