Our manufactories

The pieces of jewelery from lona studios are produced with love and by hand in Germany. Short transport routes, a low CO2 footprint and treating our earth with respect are important to us. We incorporate these values ​​into the pieces of jewelry in our collection and try to design a collection that is as climate-neutral as possible.

raw materials

Materials and packaging

By extracting our raw materials, we can already have a major impact on how we treat nature and our environment. That's why we choose our materials with the utmost care, using recycled sterling silver sourced from certified companies. We do everything we can to increase the proportion of recycled raw materials and to purchase the raw materials in bundles and with short transport routes. The precious and semi-precious stones of our jewelry are collected from all over the world and processed for you in Germany. All gemstones not only meet our high quality standards, it is particularly important to us that they are extracted under the highest ethical standards.


& closeness to nature

At lona studios we believe that it is possible to design eco-friendly yet high quality and fashionable products. We also expressly refrain from using plastic in our packaging. Right from the start, we have mostly used recycled and FSC-certified materials. In this way, we at lona studios actively help to save resources and reduce the amount of waste. We are constantly working on making our brand even more sustainable and dream of a circular cycle to give your old favorite pieces a new life.


We attach great importance to the quality of our products. All our products are lovingly handcrafted in Germany.


Our heart's desire is to bring more love, positivity and femininity into the world and to support you in loving your life.


Sustainability is one of our highest corporate values, which we live and constantly optimize. We only use recycled metals and certified gemstones for our products.